About Us

Greater Dallas/Ft. Worth Porcelain Refinishers services the residential, commercial and antique fixture marketplace. Our commercial clients include hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, builders, condominiums, apartments and remodeling companies.

We focus on the real and immediate needs of the current owner as well as the newly acquired home. We have expertise with color selections and styles that change from decade to decade. We are current with trends and as a result can advise and stay on target with our customers requirements.

The end result is a high percentage of our business comes from customer referrals. They enthusiastically share the beautiful results with friends, relatives, neighbors, and business associates.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained in all aspects of our area of expertise before they are approved to perform our service in our customers homes. These highly skilled technicians are employees of our company, not sub-contractors. We expect Top Quality Standards from our service as nothing less is acceptable.

Contact us

Dallas: (214) 553-0400    |    Fort Worth: (817) 335-2141